EQ, AI & The Narrative Arc

So, what is the EQ of AI?

Full Disclosure: I’m an Early Adopter of technology and am a part of probably of the next-to-last group of Digital Immigrants in the workforce. I’ve been an eager and hungry consumer of Science and Science Fiction since the ’50’s (That’s the 1950’s, whippersnapper!), taught Mac OS, iOS and Apps at Apple SoHo and SF periodically from 2009 – 2013. I love tech (for the most part); especially as it transitions to magic and new experience.

In the oft-quoted-by-me words of Arthur C. Clarke (…and if you don’t know who that is you’d best google and learn. He matters.):

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Between AI and the encroaching, burgeoning metaverse, we are coming very close to the place where technology is virtually magic. 

This excites and thrills me. 

There is a conversation, though, that I’m neither seeing nor hearing being had that I think affects or may be affecting the depth to which our audiences will, can or may ultimately even be emotionally equipped to experience if not emotionally capable of handling as we breathlessly chase new technologies and new worlds to conquer and market as though it’s the day after Thanksgiving at Macy’s.

Maybe slow down a minute?

In what feels a breakneck race to seem relevant in embracing AI, “gamification” and what is currently being called “interactivity” – I’m sensing a dismissive overlooking of actual emotional investment in the outcome(s) of the experience offered. I’m seeing a change in the quality and character of the payoff as agency grows..

Increase in Agency offers, IMHO, an equal and opposite dilution of emotional investment in outcome. With increased individual agency; the analytical part of the brain comes more intensely into play, pushing aside empathetic engagement and replacing it with the visceral, the competitive, the self.

What I believe I see, in the stories being written and experiences created that give agency to the audience, viewers and participants…players, now… are stories with an arc of sorts – but the agency of the players creates a subtle change with critical affect. 

When the audience member has some level of control, when one can “win” or accomplish some task or overcome some obstacle; the rush at the end is visceral, personal, exhilarating and wonderful…though neither empathetic nor sympathetic nor, from what I can see, emotionally engaging.

This is not a bad thing; it is a very good thing. It increases potential audience and vastly broadens the expanse of experiences and storytelling methodological tools available to us. 

BUT, let us not lose sight of what this does not do for our audience. It does not engage them emotionally in a story that unfolds before them. It does not allow one to wonder and wander through questioning, hoping, imagining outcomes to be revealed; as agency supersedes all that. 

With that, I’d like to see us, as we have our conversations, keep in mind the pliability of the human mind and collective memories brought to the storytelling experience and how those can be used and manipulated to create investment in what happens in a story.

Along these lines, I’m noticing a burgeoning conversation among people who pitch AI as creator of story: scripts written by Artificial Intelligence. 

From where I stand at the moment, I can’t imagine a story written by a digital entity that can move an individual, emotionally. 

My question at the outset is on what experience would this digital entity draw to create new stories with investible characters and experiences of the depth and substance that can bring emotion to the surface for the reader or performer? Can AI write stories in which we invest our hearts? I want this to be part of the conversation and am trusting we’ll see to it that it is.

In the coming weeks of conference season, as we gather in various halls and theatres around the world to share news and developments, rejoice and explore technologies and techniques, dig through the promised pot of gold at the end of this rainbow; let us not lose sight of how deeply we can reach with a well-told story. 

Let us keep the goal of emotional connection in mind, if that is the goal; separate and apart from the visceral charge of winning and conquering…or can they live together? Well worth exploring and hopefully augmenting…though let’s not be too quick to eschew engagement at deeper levels. 

(I’m just sayin’ <redacted>!)

I believe the new should be welcomed and embraced, tested and tried, carefully. As I said, above; I am excited at what technology and the New Tools represent for stories and their telling…the sense of disbelief hasn’t before seen anything this potentially powerful. 

I would want us to honor and respect the organic muse within us as we do so. 



“In My Experience – Secrets of Making ’em Cheer, Weep…and sometimes write checks”

The third printing of “IMEx – In My Experience…” is pending (thank you, all!), and can hard copies are obtainable through me at Kile@kileozier.com.

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Random review:

“Empathize, Ideate, & Build” is the common doctrine of Design Thinking, and while they are inspirational points, they are hardly instructional.  Kile has articulately laid out very actionable steps for any team involved in the creation and execution of Experience Design projects to follow on the path from concept to installation and operation.

In an industry that can be secretive, the How and Why of Experience Design can be lost as we celebrate the What.   The simple roadmap that is presented in “In My Experience” outlines best practices for informed success along the life cycle of a project’s development.   It’s not just a useful production tool, but also provides insight into the field for students interested in contributing to Experience Design or Themed Entertainment but who don’t fully realize all the working parts to the process.

A combination of process details, case studies, and first-hand stories as great examples makes this a delightful and credible read.  Examples that take into consideration cultural and personality differences provide options for moving forward across a number of possible scenarios as both a contributor and a leader  in the industry.

Marketed as a manual for the design of various experiences, it’s secretly an exhaustive manual for life.

Our industry mantra has become “story, story, story” But what does that actually mean?  “In My Experience” graciously leads you down the path of story “revelation”  best practices to carefully craft a very intentional emotional experience for your guests. 

In an industry that only thrives on collaboration and mentorship, “In My Experience” continues the trend graciously sharing resources and inspiration across disciplines and generations.

-Mk Haley

Program Manager (Frmr) / Academic Outreach Walt Disney Imagineering

SIGGRAPH Conference Committee – Emerging Technologies Chair

UT Austin Faculty: Arts & Entertainment Technology

Worldwide Santa Network – Experience Design Consultant

Everything You Wanted to Know…

Last Summer, I taught a Master Class with the Themed Entertainment Creative Academy

Getting the Best from Our Teams – 

Giving the Best to Our Audiences.” 

For me, it was a great experience; and I sense that the students enjoyed it as much as I did. There was exceptional room for discovery and the sharing & comparing of perspective through the six weeks; enhanced by the fact that this was my first class, post publication of my book. 

Prior to this, when I taught; I used to teach what is now in the book. What became instantly clear to me during our first session was that, now, everyone in the class had already read the book. This was great; as rather than presenting New Information in the class, the opportunity for feedback, questions, applications to real-life & right-now situations and the multilateral posing of hypotheticals from these aspirational thinkers was present through all our discussions.

A number of things came to light with respect to entering, moving through and working in the real world that had never been actually discussed with most of these individuals. These are Life Navigation Skills, some of which I think I’d learned through osmosis or some professional stumbling along the way, from a mentor or a series of my own mistakes but never actually taught.

I don’t know that they are actually taught, anywhere but workshops and onsite…

Either way, I came across the fact that there are some things, critical to socialization and success in the professional sphere that might support these kids (well, they are far younger than me!) in their Quest for Their Future. Thus, I collected a list of these things as they came to mind; planning to share them with the class during our final session.

But we never actually got to that. 

Thus, this post:, 

Things One Should Know About Looking for Work and Doing Business,

but May Not Have Known Whom to Ask.” 

Herewith, in random order, are some questions and my answers:

Getting Paid: Invoicing. What should it look like, what information should be on it?

An invoice should be one page, one side, with everything on that page that will help people and companies pay you without having to seek backup or ancillary documents or information. Therefore:

  • A logo or brandmark, if you have one.
  • Contact information: name, mailing address, telephone number, email, website (if you have one).
  • An Invoice Number. Make up your own trackable system. I use a system of year/month/day/client so that in lists, they self-arrange, chronologically and alphabetically:
    • The invoice I send to Smith Company on October 7, 2021 for the Secret Project is numbered: 211907SmithSecret.
  • Name of the Project.
  • Space for a P.O. (that’s Purchase Order) number – some companies need to issue you a P.O. number that needs to be on your invoice in order for it to be paid. That number indicates that the fee agreed-upon was actually approved. 
  • Your applicable rates (hour/day/week/month) and the total amount owed you.
  • Due Date / terms of your agreement.
  • Bank / Wire Transfer information; including Swift Code, Routing Number, Account Number, Name on the Account, Name of the Bank, Address and Phone number of the bank. 
  • Be sure to ask the client what they want/need to see included in the invoice, one never knows…be thorough.

Seriously, leave nothing to chance or misunderstanding. Never worry that you are giving them too much information; rather, worry that you might leave out some small detail that can delay the processing of your invoice.

Getting Paid: How Much Am I Worth? Okay, you’re worth millions. I agree. However, do your research online (glassdoor.com or any one of a number of other sites), ask trusted friends and colleagues in the same line of work what they would pay someone with your level of education or experience. Even ask business owners or executives the salary ranges for positions you might seek. Asking from an informational point of view, outside of a climate of negotiation, will elicit more candid response and can give a more clear and objective picture. 

Decide on your rate and be comfortable quoting it. Do be wary of over-valuing a degree. While education is generally a requirement and a constant; experience is what raises value

Getting Paid: Negotiating. When asked, quote your rate; period. Don’t offer to negotiate. If asked if you’ll negotiate or “will you accept less than that?” Ask what they are offering. Do not offer any other figures until the Other Person/Company has offered a figure. Personally, I would go so far as to respond, when asked about salary, by asking if this is a negotiation. In other words, “So, are you interested in offering me the position and is this the opening of salary talks to see if we can agree?”

If they want you, then they’ll be candid. Otherwise, time is just being wasted, IMHO. If your value to a company is primarily in how low you can be gotten; is this a culture in which you’ll be happy? You be the judge of that. 

You know how low you can go for a job you love, and how much you need to maintain your life. None of that is anyone’s business; as one should be paid for what one brings to the table, not what one “needs.” Never operate or negotiate from what you “need.” 

What you need is, frankly, irrelevant in salary negotiations. Same goes for when you are seeking a raise in pay; it’s because the raise is deserved and you represent value at that level of pay; not because the kids need new shoes.


And that’s it for today. The list is long, so I’ll be breaking it down over a few weeks and posts if there’s interest in more “practical” knowledge…remembering that this is IMHO, always: In My Humble Opinion.

Possible Future Topics:

Getting Paid: When and Why to Decline Work. Many of us have taken jobs that paid too little but we needed the work. I would offer that, most often in such situations, pretty much all parties end up unhappy in the long run. Resentment and unmet expectation can truly undermine the dynamic. 

  • Getting Paid: The Integrity of Quitting versus the Future Work Factor.
  • Information Flow, Responsibility Assignment & Acceptance.
  • Networking and Social Media: 
    • Nobody owes you a LinkedIn acceptance. 
    • Default Messages and Obtuseness.
    • Clicking the “Invite” button is not Networking. One must actually Ask.
  • Communication, Acknowledgement thereof. 
    • (Subtopic: No one on the planet, including you, is “too busy” to type “Got it; I WILL get back to you.”)
    • …and if one can’t accomplish the “getting back to,” it is their responsibility to see that the “getting back” actually happens. 
  • Reputations: Building, Maintaining, Repairing.
  • CYA: The importance of meeting follow-up and The Paper Trail. (And is that really “CYA” or just good management?)
  • Gullibility and Confidence: Who are the Critics and Complainers, Really? 
  • Hearing, Heeding and Reading Criticism for What It Is and What It May be Worth. Considering Source.
  • Discomfort and Angst / Confidence and Judgement: Making Decisions when Everyone Else Seems Okay With something that makes One Uncomfortable.
  • And “Credibility” My Degree versus My Experience. How to Handle the Balance.
  • Whatever else comes to mind as these subjects percolate with y’all, this week.
  • Meetings of three or more…backup, all things heard…same with prod’n meetings
  • brand your zoom background
  • 3 in a meeting, fearless feedback, sensitive counsel and mentoring in a complex environment.


Popular throughout the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, “IMEX: In My Experience | secrets of making ‘em cheer, weep…and sometimes write checks” is now available in the beautiful and durable Field Edition as well as download from Apple Books. Contact me at kile@kileozier.com for purchase and shipping information.

Apple Books Link: https://books.apple.com/us/book/imex-in-my-experience/id1518649025 

Hot Off the Presses

This time, Don’t be left out!

The “IMEx Field Edition

The Inimitable Mk Haley said it:

“Empathize, Ideate, & Build” is the common doctrine of Design Thinking, and while they are inspirational points, they are hardly instructional. Kile has articulately laid out very actionable steps for any team involved in the creation and execution of Experience Design projects to follow on the path from concept to installation and operation.

In an industry that can be secretive, the How and Why of Experience Design can be lost as we celebrate the What. The simple roadmap that is presented in “In My Experience” outlines best practices for informed success along the life cycle of a project’s development. It’s not just a useful production tool, but also provides insight into the field for students interested in contributing to Experience Design or Themed Entertainment but who don’t fully realize all the working parts to the process.

A combination of process details, case studies, and first-hand stories as great examples makes this a delightful and credible read. Examples that take into consideration cultural and personality differences provide options for moving forward across a number of possible scenarios as both a contributor and a leader in the industry.

Marketed as a manual for the design of various experiences, it’s secretly an exhaustive manual for life.

Our industry mantra has become “story, story, story” But what does that actually mean? “In My Experience” graciously leads you down the path of story “revelation” best practices to carefully craft a very intentional emotional experience for your guests.

In an industry that only thrives on collaboration and mentorship, “In My Experience” continues the trend graciously sharing resources and inspiration across disciplines and generations.

-Mk Haley
Program Manager / Academic Outreach
Walt Disney Imagineering

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Question From A Client

A “Client”! Did you see that?


They’re Back, they’re Happy and they’re Hungry and I’m glad to see ’em again!

Last week, out of the Blue; while he was on a flight, an exceptionally thoughtful new client of mine pinged me with, “How would you define experience?” 

This, after I had shared with him this quote:

“Any economy without a prosperous experience sector cannot be a good economy. The present global downturn proves the point we’ve been emphasizing for over two decades: Goods and Services are no longer enough to maintain economic prosperity.

Businesses must shift to the creation of experiential value in the marketplace as the continuing engine of economic growth and job creation.”

– Pine and Gilmore, May 24, 2020.

Herewith, is my response to him.

“Hey, <name withheld – he’s MY client!)…  A long answer to a short question…buckle up; it’s going to get granular…

From where I stand, “experience” is literally everything; and everything is experience. Touching an ice cube is an experience, breathing is an experience. Every person has their experience of any and every thing they encounter. 

Then, there’s nuance. 

My experience of something will differ from your experience of that same thing as it is experienced through our individual filters…physiological (taste buds, vision), psychological, spiritual and so on. For instance, one person may see a beautiful sunset and think of it as a gift from their God, while another may see it as a visually beautiful confluence of physics and chemistry, while yet another may see it as an indication of tomorrow’s weather (“Red sky at morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailor’s delight”). 

So, the exact, same phenomenon is experienced differently by different people at the same time…  I could go on…(and have, on occasion!).

Now, “Experience,” – as conceived, created and crafted – is another Thing. 

Boiled down; I see crafted “Experience” as, ultimately, the absence of distraction. Full immersion. You’ll hear me talk about Circumventing Preconception and Comfortable Disorientation…things that are both methodology and intended result. Essentially, the further I can “get into the heads” of my audiences the more profound the Experience can be…

The more personal and intimate I can make an Experience, the more powerful and effective it can be. Simply put, many shows/spectacles/experiences can be seen or watched and give massive, yet transient pleasure; while those few that are felt leave their footprints in the hearts, souls and memories of the audience…as they’ve been given something they can’t identify without recognizing it…a subtle seed that remains and perhaps grows as time passes. 

People will shout and cheer at a fantastic spectacle. They will remember and talk about it as great or “awesome.” But touch them with it and their eyes turn inward in reflection as their subconscious connects; attempting to describe it…without words…

I wrote a poem, once, about this experience – which I shall bore you with in closing.

The final stanza being:

“But there was a moment, in every city

When what we did went to profound from pretty

When guests became silent, when hearts skipped a beat

When each person settled more into the seat.

The air in the room became quieter, still;

And breath was abated as hearts took the thrill.

That’s when we touched them, that’s when we knew

We’d delivered completely on our Mission, true.

No one will ever accomplish again

What we have given to those where we’ve been…””

But that’s just me. 😉

Meanwhile: BIG NEWS!

Pride. What it is; Why it is.

2500 years in 2.5 minutes

“No one of us can be free until we all are free.”

June 1 marks the beginning of Pride Month, worldwide. 

  • Fifty-two years since the Stonewall Riots that launched the movement; a movement that had been simmering for decades…decades of hiding and harassment, of brutality and shame, of fear and of hate.
  • Fifty-one years since the first Pride March
  • a March that has not stopped since the first step was taken on June 28, 1970…the movement that began with the first thrown shoe, the year before.

What has happened in the intervening years as Stonewall itself has become catchphrase and icon is, I think, a gradual lessening of awareness of the extreme, catalytic struggle that brought into the sunlight the inhumanity with which an entire class of people were being seen and treated. 

Nowadays, we enjoy strong political and cultural support from increasingly vocal communities, cultures, political parties and multinational corporations (we are, after all not the worst market to garner). But even as this support has grown, the darkness and horror that lie at the roots and foundation of Pride seem for many to have faded from the forefront of general consciousness…from even some of our strongest allies. 

As more and more have become advocates and proselytes, supporting Equality, Job Security and Basic Human Rights; their fervent belief in and support of the LGBTQ++ Communities is experienced and shared as they show up at and in annual celebrations and parades. With all that festivity, though, the decades (and centuries) of being viewed and treated as vile and disposable seems sometimes to be getting lost in the feathers, glitter and unicorns.

As we near the Season of Pride, it is important that we remember what we are actually witnessing as we Celebrate. This is not frivolity; this is exhilaration. That glitter was hard fought.

“Pride” is the consciousness of one’s own dignity. Pride, itself, is the manifestation of the regeneration and nurturing of individual self-respect; something that, for a very long time, was beaten, hated, harassed, tortured, oppressed and legislated out of LGBTQ++ beings all over the world…from before there even was an “LGBTQ.”

The Celebrations we see are for Rights and Freedoms fought and won in the face of societal enmity and oppression. The visibility of the Celebrations serve to affirm self-worth and inspire others to continue the fight alongside; as the Fight is not over. There is virtually nowhere on the planet where these hard-won rights are secure, and in many places there are still none.

Often, each battle’s victory is seen and matched by cruelty and death in other parts of the world. There may be some who have joined the annual marches for years and have never seen a gay-bashing. Yet people are brutalized and killed every day, all over the world, for not being heterosexual. 

Last month, Alireza Monfared, a 20-year old Iranian boy, was beheaded by his brothers in an “Honor Killing” because he was gay. 

Beheaded. By…His… Brothers.

Not to harsh your Buzz, but…

  • Just last week in Ohio, a 14-year old boy was attacked and beaten for carrying a Pride Flag at school. 
  • Gangs are attacking suspected gay men on the beaches of Northeastern Spain.
  • Fathers have beaten and killed their sons for being gay.
  • Even teachers in high schools across America have been known to hurl gay slurs at non-straight students.
  • Pulse Nightclub shooting: June 12, 2016.

Pride Celebrations are a Beacon of Hope and Inspiration to people in our own country and throughout the world.

May we remember what they are for, may we remember why they exist, may we remember who is watching.


The first March was on the anniversary of the riots, as 10,000 people walked from Christopher Street to Central Park; there to cheer and celebrate what they saw as a new era of empowerment, the beginning of a fight to win. This poem, written by Lesbian Poet Fran Winant, captures and evokes the exhilaration of that day.

First shared with me by Sir Ian McKellen in the Green Room at Yankee Stadium before he read this piece to the 50,000 at Closing Ceremonies of the Gay Games on June 25 of 1994. (This performance can be viewed on my YouTube Channel at 3:44 on this Video “GGIV Closing Ceremonies Part 2” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJc1lbN-bSY&t=2s )

“…our line winds

into Central Park

and doubles itself

in a snakedance

to the top of a hill

we cover the Sheep Meadow


lifting our arms

we are marching into ourselves

like a body

gathering its cells

creating itself

in sunlight

we turn to look back

on the thousands behind us

it seems we will converge

until we explode

sisters and sisters

brothers and brothers


Excerpt from “Christopher Street Liberation Day, June 28, 1970” by Fran Winant


“IMEx – In My Experience. Secrets of making ’em cheer, weep and sometimes write checks” now available to download at Apple Books:


MasterClass: Managing Creativity & Emotional Connection

I’ve been invited by the Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series (TECWS) to present a MasterClass on my Five Tenets of Experience Creation. The class is this Friday at 4pm/Pacific…and is sponsored, therefore there is no charge to register and attend.

The Link: https://www.tecworkshopseries.com/masterclasses

Official Description of the Class
“Outlined and explored in the first chapters of his book, Kile’s Five Tenets of Experience Creation are the fundamental tools and components that fuel the success of every project he embraces. This Master Class covers breadth, nuance and myriad methods of applying these techniques to virtually any project; professional and personal.”

I think it’d be great for as many of the readers of my blog as possible to be there. The more perspectives and personalities in the ZoomRoom, the more lively the conversation is likely to be. I hope you can make it.

So, please; be our guest and join us on Friday for a good conversation. This is going to be fun!

[Note: The class will be recorded and available for post-event viewing.]

With this, I want y’all to know about TECWS. Founded in June by the brilliant Morgane Keesling in the spirit of making knowledge and experience available to young professionals; it has rapidly grown to iconic status, representing a relevance across our entire industries as entry, re-entry, keeping current and keeping in touch has become more and more important during this…sabbatical we’re experiencing. See below for more about this exceptional organization.


Link to TECWS Home Page: https://www.tecworkshopseries.com/

As the themed entertainment industry continues to age and evolve, more and more trade information is lost every day. Industry masters and leaders retire with legacies of incredible work in their wake, but techniques and lessons disappear in their absence. Our goal is to become a conservatory of information: to preserve the past techniques and to look forward with new ideas, principles, and ideologies.​

The TEC Workshop Series team feels it is crucial to our mission to also provide outreach to professionals at the very beginning of their careers. With the help of sponsors and mentors, we are creating additional workshops catered to beginning-career individuals of all backgrounds; it’s important to respect the new generations of creators and artists– they are the future of the themed entertainment industry!

I think it’d be great for as many of the readers of my blog as possible to be there. The more perspectives and personalities in the ZoomRoom, the more lively the conversation is likely to be. I hope you can make it.

Hope, Trepidation, Aspiration

“The stakes don’t get any higher…”

It was election night in 1976, and the President’s National Campaign staff was gathered in ballrooms and suites at the Shoreham hotel in Washington, awaiting the results. Mike, one of the most upbeat and respected members of my field team had just, at a moment when the room had suddenly fallen quiet, quietly uttered those words.

They filled the room.

Those words come to mind, this morning, as I look out on the virtual battlefield that America seems to have become (and may yet become quite real, tonight and in the days to come). The stakes to which Mike was referring now seem so distant, so innocent in comparison, almost naive in their articulation. 

The two parties weren’t separated by the steaming, molten chasm that separates them – separates us – today. 

The rhetoric, in retrospect, was far more respectful and positive as parties touted the benefits, power and assurances of positive results in the achievement of what were much more goals-in-common. 

This past year…this past administration…has been rife with the shouting-down of opposition, of frightening citizens with Cassandraic hyperbole and threats of the end of an “America” that has become Balkanized by spectacular self-interest as reflected in our leadership and laws, by the fear and panicked anger of vast segments of our population who sense looming an end to a way of life and are now seeking someone or something to blame for it other than the relentless inevitability of cultural and technological evolution. 

Evolutions for which our educational systems have not prepared our citizens; the taking care of which it is no secret that our country is not committed to taking care.

I am eminently trepidatious about today, tonight and the future.

Although, stepping back; I perceive, below the sturm und drang of political party rhetoric, an inexorable forward cultural enlightenment taking place. 

I can only speak from my perspective; though since Marriage Equality became reality in the US (and may it ever remain so), I have sensed and seen an enlightened cultural evolution seeming to manifest more and more rapidly among the aspirational generations. 

After Marriage Equality, it seems the dominoes began to fall with increasing rapidity, and theretofore peripheral issues and people began to surface and speak and be heard. Transgender, transexual, nonbinary, genderqueer: what seems an ever-increasing spectrum of pronouns and titles for us to keep abreast as individuals self-identify, appear and add ever more facets and colors to our societies.

It’s wonderfully exciting to see all this taking place.

At the same time, the Gen X’s, Millennial and post-Millennial generations (Gen Y, Gen Next, iGen, Gen Z…) seem to me to share a powerful and pervasive ethos of a higher integrity and openness perhaps than those who came before. These generations seem, in my experience, adamant in support of diversity, equality, transparency in business and politics (watch out, Dinosaurs!) and above all a commitment to the planet and the people on it…far more than any generations that preceded. 

They almost seem predisposed to vocal activism. (Perhaps a generalization, as are so many such assessments, but in this case I think far more apt than most.)

(See “The Boomennial Age”.)

Concurrently, the power of movements born of these Thinkers has already altered the fabric of our society. 

  1. #BlackLivesMatter
  2. #MeToo
  3. #OscarsSoWhite
  4. #TakeAKnee
  5. #IStandWithAhmed
  6. #ShoutYourAbortion
  7. #BringBackOurGirls
  8. #CoronaVirus
  9. #NoBanNoWall
  10. #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor

Scores, hundreds more movements and responses to societal and human rights wrongs do not go unaddressed. And my sense is that the pressure will only increase and continue. 

Another few years and I think we may yet see a profound revamping of our political systems. Whatever happens, today… If we do sink, should we hit the feared nadir, I believe could possibly be the Last Time. On the brighter possibility; if the voters do turn aside the tide of hate, today; it may very will be the beginning of aggressively reformed society: reformed by the coming of age of a majority of New Thinkers who truly want the world to be a better place. 

And they are willing to put themselves on the line for it. 

And, by the way, how about The Pope! Gay people “…have a right to a family.” Muse on that for awhile.

So, yes. I am worried about today. But, the tearful, anxious, impassioned faces of young people on all platforms is heartening to me with what may happen today, and will happen tomorrow. With that, I remain hopeful; and if we are defeated, I am in hopes it will be this one, last time. 

The clean-up will be immense; it will be cleaned up.



The first printing of “IMEx – In My Experience | Secrets of making ‘em cheer, weep … and sometimes write checks” has sold out. In the works is the Field Edition. Exact same book, just ⅓ smaller, much lighter and easier to take into the field, class or office. Coming soon. Copies can be reserved, now at kile@kileozier.com  

It’s a … BOOK!

“IMEx: In My Experience | secrets of making ’em cheer, weep…and sometimes write checks”
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A tell-all… about making ‘em weep and cheer all over the world…an anecdotal compendium of discoveries and mistakes, experiences with sheiks and what it often takes to create resonant experiences…across borders and cultures, with generationally and internationally disparate teams of Creative and Production Professionals, for all sorts of Clients, Briefs and Circumstances.

“IMEx …” is a comprehensive gathering of select writings on and around the umbrella subject of creating theatrical, ceremonial, installed or one-off shows and great spectacle that can connect with audiences on a personal – even intimate – level…irrespective of the size of the show; 30 to 300,000…

This book can be read, enjoyed and studied as an entertaining Masterclass Textbook, informative memoir or a collection of adoptable ideas for team building and enhancing productivity in the realms of creating Experience..

The Reviews so far…

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Your Mother Won’t Be Here Anymore, Bambi…

It is not possible to end-run a virus. 

A virus cannot be second-guessed.

The virus does not care about our sense of entitlement to roam free, what we may believe we “deserve” or to what we think we have a “right.”

The virus wants only one thing; and that is our death; to feed on us until there is nothing left to consume, then on to the next host.

If we don’t like it; then we are free to not vote for the virus. The virus does not care.

The spectacular failure of the United States in dealing with this virus sits on more than just the shoulders of our self-interested administration. We now know – to no one’s surprise – that those in power have seen this pandemic as a political opportunity from the outset: placing our lives as expendable in the greater picture of their popularity and profit. 

Though, these are not the only complicit. 

Business and political leadership and “journalist” mouthpieces have – from mere weeks into the pandemic – been calling “when can we reopen the economy…??” Implying from the outset that this is about the economy before being about people. While most of the country began immediately to worry about feeding their families and keeping them warm and protected; the networks were giving advice on 401K’s and recommending buying laptops for the kids to study at home…broadcasting from well-appointed NYC apartments and green-lawned Connecticut homes.

Shamelessly tone-deaf.

Throughout the civilized world (which seems, de facto, to no longer include the USA), citizens complained about being quarantined for weeks and months…but they did it. They complied with medical and government directive in order to shut down the disease as much and as quickly as possible. In doing so, many discovered how much more they could accomplish without the commute, the increase in time with families or their own thoughts (though being alone with one’s thoughts can make some uncomfortable).

Except here in the US. Here, we argue with fact, we argue with evidence that does not fit our wishes, we assert “rights” about which the virus gives not a <redacted>. Thus, we die.

We coin catchy phrases such as “The New Normal” and ask Are We There Yet? “When can we get back to normal?”


  • When can we get back to normal?
  • When will we reopen the Economy?
  • When can I stop being responsible for my actions?

Within weeks of inception, high-profile companies in various industries began to issue “White papers” full of expert opinions on how it’s all going to look when this crisis has passed; when it’s “probably” going to end and to intimate that we’re talking months and “maybe” a year. All this conjecture is based on…nothing factual. This is opinion and fantasy (well, to be fair, some of these presumptive soothsayers – storytelling colleagues of my own industries – actually create and sell fantasy, so what else might we expect?) presented as knowledge. 

So; fantasy.

Succumbing to public and political pressure: Disney opens, then closes; restaurants open, then close; beaches open, then close; people gather, then die. As though demanding to breathe among crowds makes the inhaled air safe “because it is my RIGHT!”

Springtime gatherings are pushed to summer, as though those few months are going to see magical disappearance of this organic menace. Finally, the cancellations. All the big stuff is now (optimistically) postponed to 2021…and y’all, that is optimistic.

Personally, I find the opening of theme parks during this pandemic – especially as it rages through the US – as egregiously irresponsible. Disney’s opening is taken as a signal to the entire country that it’s okay to get together…”Disney’s doing it, so we can do it…meet me at the <name of local thing> and we’ll <fill in group activity that will result in dropping adherence to social distancing guidelines and ultimately kill more people>.

Whether or not you went to Pandemic Disney and adhered to social distancing policies; we know that is not the case for every park guest, all day. And we know that the example that sets gives thousands if not millions throughout the US a sense of false security and “This Thing Being Almost Over.” 

It’s not almost over.

NO one knows, can know or can have the solution until this virus is understood fully and a vaccine is tested and available. This is another year, minimum. Min. I. Mum. To presume to predict how it’s all going to look while all the parts are still freely moving is a little foolish and a lot delusional. 

Friends and countrybeings; there IS no going back; NO “Normal” to which we might return…and no “Normal” to which we might find our way. It is vastly irresponsible of our press and politicians to have pushed that delusional concept upon us… 

Ain’t no cavalry comin’. Best to find a way to accept this.


Perhaps we might stop Predicting and spend this energy on Observing. 

Maybe we could STFU, stop pushing for and demanding what is not possible, stop deluding ourselves and begin simply observing the world around us – and our possible places in it… 

This is organic. Unresponsive to physics and politics; unphased by our desire, our wants or needs. It will take its own time to unfold, to be addressed and until a new reality manifests. Until that reality is evident, until there is a vaccine, all we can do is observe. Observe and consider options; but make plans? I think not.

I see limitless potential in embracing the absence of knowledge. 

I offer that we could be spending this time in observation and self-examination: who am I, what do I bring to the table, what are my values, what do I value, who do I value, what is my value? What might I do to support myself and what is my responsibility to community…and how might I fulfill that?

Everyone has something to discover, to teach, to share.

Certainly, the vast numbers who have been working in now-and-newly-handicapped industries – theatre, entertainment, theme parks, restaurants, leisure, recreation, exercise eminent among them – need immediate support, security and assurance during this “temporary” hiatus. We must find ways to help our comrades, colleagues, peers and neighbors; it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

That said, it might be wise to see “temporary” in the context of the cosmic smackdown taking place. 

We are not talking days and weeks: rather, we are looking at months and quite likely years before anyone can actually relax and mingle. 

Years, y’all.



and now, The BOOK!

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Sunset. LaPaz, Baja California. May 24, 2019. Photo by Author.

I see vast opportunity in this forced evolution toward a New Reality. 

The opportunity I see before me, now, is to contribute to the evolution of themed and theatrical experience in ways that circumvent the Pre-Vaccine effects on societal interaction of COVID-19. 

Until there is a vaccine – and, then, even beyond – the structure of ticketed and destination experience must evolve without diluting the power inherent in the well-crafted story.

I see for me a pathway from creating massive spectacle imbued with a profound sense of intimacy and shared personal experience to that of creating intimate, small-group experience with a powerful sense and experience of magnitude and scale. The path lies directly before us and it starts right here.

In the absence of mass gatherings in theatres, stadia, deserts, harbors, theme parks and open spaces – with the virtual disappearance of spontaneous hugs and handshakes and most sorts of physical contact; we of the human sort will resultantly, inherently yearn all the more for the pheromonal interaction, the sense of true, physical nearness, of touch…even without touching. 

Experiences are all the more compelling when they are shared in the moment. That immediacy, that reality is what must be preserved through all of this. It must be neither sacrificed nor lost, something of which we must not lose sight.

This can be done. With our commitment; it shall be done.

I see the possibility of creating multilateral storytelling experiences with unique approaches to narrative arcs that can yield breathtaking, shared denouement. Multidirectional storytelling can yield a Confluent Closing Moment: a profound moment that can possibly be even more deeply-felt, given an experience of the story from disparate perspectives all the way to the end…

I believe this can be accomplished; profitably and sans dilution of experience. In fact, I further believe that something better than has existed before, something far more intimate and compelling, while still manifested in physically-shared space, can, will and must be created.

I look forward to exploring these possibilities through this transition to our Imminent New Reality.

Now, about this Imminent New Reality.

In order for us to be prepared to successfully (and profitably) address, realize and embrace the potential inherent in the myriad-faceted, evolutionary movement taking place on our planet and in our worlds, especially in the spheres of creative and storytelling experience; we must bring representatives of all the the vast and disparately-backgrounded, skilled and talented to the same table. 

This means that every age group, every skill set, every talent, every demographic that can be included in the ideation, creative and production processes must be respected. Brought together at the outset to be involved and contributing as each step unfolds.

We can and must create an atmosphere of Dynamic, Ongoing Charrette, where the veteran engineer of 30 years in the industry is seen and heard with the same level of respect as the aspirational young artist just through the door. Programmers, engineers, designers of costume, set, lighting and game sit alongside writers, creative directors, producers and directors; all seeing one another as equals. 

Creating this dynamic, creating and populating this table is key and crucial to our success in rethinking and creating the future of Experience. 

We must all hear one another fully and be prepared to learn from each other, we must be eager to share without hesitation or holding back; to listen without preconception. 

Allow me to say that, again; we must learn to listen without preconception.

We must find ourselves able to concurrently teach and learn in order to both know and learn from history as we create a New Now and What Will Lie Ahead. 

We must see that nothing is lost and that all possibilities are considered as we encircle the magic fire of creativity and build new experience. It sounds utopian, as it is utopian. Building creative Hives, where passion can count as much as experience and all is balanced as processes unfold, is a surefire way forward. IMHO.

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for…?” 

– Robert Browning

Through The Portal of Mentorship.

There is, has been and will continue to be much talk from multiple business quarters on “Mentorship.” As mentioned previously this space, I believe the concept of Mentorship is due for an update. (See, “A Culture of Mentorship”.) 

Heretofore, as was the case when many of us entered the world of business, back in the ‘XX’s; mentorship was seen and defined as linear and pretty much one-way…Elder to Apprentice.

The rEvolutionary fact is that the world has changed, the cycles of the world have increased in rapidity and complexity and the demographic definition of “generation” has balkanized such that the modern historical concepts of Mentor and Mentorship are virtually out of date, antiquated, relevant only as an evolutionary jumping off point.

“Find a Mentor.” “Be a Mentor.” “I want to be a Mentor.” These sorts of mindsets are functions of an outdated concept of how Mentorship can best work. This is especially salient in the vast and ever-changing landscape of our global, gig economy; of consultants and freelancers and contractors-by-project and the universal geographical and physical movement inherent in many areas of business and commerce; especially those through which I wander.

Mentorship is Hive, 360-degrees; we are all Mentors and Mentees, best-served by appreciating and embracing this fact. Each and all of us have experience, knowledge and perspective to share, unilaterally; just as there is plenty we can learn from each new kid that joins the team. 

This means that every person on a team or in a company learns and accepts the responsibility to keep an eye out for everyone else in the room, on the team or with the project. 

  • See a question on someone’s face…reach out. “…got somethin’ I can help you with?”
  • Be open and welcoming, create the foundation for openness as each new person joins the team and remain open and spontaneously available as much as possible to answer the random question (or ask the random question) as it arises.
  • Listen first. Always listen first. This empowers the other person and informs both the follow-up questions one might ask as well as the specific information one might share in response…and the style in which that information will be shared. It’s the most constructive way to set the stage and maintain a healthy give-and-take relationship.
  • Remember; we are not teaching, we are sharing experience. The “way we’ve always done it” is exceptional/anecdotal history; virtually nothing is the “only way” something might be done. 
  • If we’ve listened first, perhaps asked what might seem a logical solution from the POV of the asker; chances are we’re being handed in that question the foundation for the best, most relevant response.

I see an opportunity, too, to work with clients in helping to create and nurture a culture of mentorship within their organization or company as part of the work in my industries…and certainly within each and every project team I gather and lead or of which I am a part.

Seriously, big money can be saved, here. There is no need to pay tens or hundreds of thousands to an expensive, outside consultant when there are open, experienced and adventurous minds available inside our industries who embrace the concept of collaborative mentorship cultures simply as part of the work. 

The creative and production arts and crafts are historically apprentice-oriented, collaborative and welcoming. Let’s evolve that to suit our Now and Future world.



A note on AR & VR

I embrace Augmented Reality and Virtual Worlds – and am just discovering the wonders of Fortnite™, myself. These technologies and applications are vastly expanding possibility for awe-inspiring, shared and individual experience. At the same time, imho, these are not substitute for the physically-shared, multi-pheromonal experience. Human contact – or at least humans in shared space – is an irreplaceable factor that I believe we must strive to avoid losing. That is where I come from on this piece.


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