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Themed entertainment veteran releases new book on creative leadership & production

Kile Ozier, an admired leader in the themed entertainment industry, has finally put to paper the techniques and philosophies behind his decades of show and spectacle production in his new book Creative Catalyst: Empowering Experience Design Teams From Ideation to Production. Prodded by colleagues to spell out how he works his magic, Kile shares his Five Tenets of Experience Creation, discussing how to assemble and lead creative teams and build experiences that connect story to audience.

For book information and ordering go to https://rivershorepress.com/.

From the back cover:

FROM THEMED ENTERTAINMENT TO BUSINESS BEYOND THE BERM, anyone leading creative teams will benefit from Kile’s extensive expertise. For more than thirty years, Ozier has created and delivered experiences of massive spectacle and unique intimacy in stadium and theatre, theme park and ballroom—all inspiring audiences to cheer, to weep, and sometimes to write checks! Gathering teams, forces, and resources from all over the world, “The Guy” builds storytelling experiences that give fresh resonance to legacy and ensure powerful, emotional connections between story and audience. Creative Catalyst walks us tangibly through the steps from concept to opening, learning ways to inspire creativity and production at every turn—and have fun along the way!

“Kile Ozier has written the best book I’ve read on collaboration and project management in this industry.”

Peter Weishar,
Director of Themed Experience Graduate Programs, University of Central Florida

“Kile has articulately laid out very actionable steps for any team involved in the creation and execution of experience design projects to follow on the path from concept to installation and operation.”

Mk Haley,
Arts & Entertainment Technology, University of Texas-Austin, Formerly Walt Disney Imagineering

“This is great news for live event producers, experience designers, themed entertainment professionals, curious collaborators, leaders of humans, and everyone in between. By sharing his vast knowledge and fascinating experiences in this book, Kile has created a valuable guide for those open to admitting there’s always more to learn.”

Chris Grap,
VP Experiential, Mall of America

Creative Catalyst ships late summer. Review copies available. 

For book information and ordering go to https://rivershorepress.com/.


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