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I’m a lucky guy…should one believe in Luck. I’ve lived my life, professional and personal, pretty much out on the proverbial Limb; trusting my instincts and doing things the way I have thought right and best.

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Applying my talents and skills, instinctively; I have found myself creating and delivering Compelling Experience on every continent for a plethora of clients public and private, from the iconic, wealthy, non-profit, theatrical, academic to the corporate and theme park; in venues and locations ranging from sports stadium to theatre, ballroom and the Washington Mall.

Through this, much experience has been gathered – tests passed, obstacles overcome and hundreds of thousands of audience members left with something to be carried, inside,  and remembered for a long time.

I sometimes say, when asked what I actually do, that “…I’m good at making large groups of people weep…and write checks…” While that’s true, as shorthand; the reality is so much more profound…and useful…

What I do know is that I am fortunate to have been born with unique awareness of my surroundings, an innate sense of experience, a sensitivity to those around me and acute, naturally occurring powers of observation. I can take credit for none of this; only for using these powers for good, and for better as I have some to analyze and understand them.

Noticed for what I offer by key individuals at pivotal junctures in my life; without my being inherently aware of the significance of how I’m wired, I have been encouraged and advised such that I’ve moved forward through some pretty great Thick and no small amount of Thin; all of this adding to the wealth of personal experience and, throughout, nurturing the Muse.

Early on, I did what I do in the creation of experience and connecting with audience by the seat of my pants; until the point where someone asked me to speak to a group about how I do what I do. With that request, I then had to deconstruct and figure out for myself my steps, methodologies and techniques which, through appropriate application, support me in delivering powerfully compelling, immersive and “experiential” storytelling and messaging experiences.

This was a good thing; for knowing how I do it has made me even better at it.

This site, then, is simply to share from my own Point of View what I hold as Best Practices in the Creation of Experience; whether that be a show or spectacle, a film or video, a ceremony or a speech… Here, I will articulate, explain and share those things – steps in the creative and production process – that I consider to be integral to the creation of experience that is truly and resonantly Immersive, Experiential, Emotionally Connective. Experience that compels response, and even action, from one’s audiences….



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16 thoughts on “About KO/imho

  1. I can’t wait for more. I think you’ll be happily rewarded by the response that is soon to cascade your way!!!

  2. Wow, I feel that Lady Luck is shining on me. Its inspirational to see how you think, how you create & inspire.

  3. I am truly impressed. For one to be able to look from the outside inward is a trate that I would say many people lack. It is important, as you said,to nuture that ability in order to harness our fool potential. I have always felt that I too poses that power but doubted a little until fate brout me to your post.
    Thank you

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