SPECIAL EDITION: Networking @ IAAPA or in ANY Industry

Recently compiled by the TEA (Themed Entertainment Association) this extemporaneous-esque advice-on-networking video is applicable to anyone of any age seeking to network effectively.

“IMHO: Creating Compelling Experience” is a free downloadable eBook on the tenets and methodologies we use to…create compelling experience. Find it in the iBooks app on any Apple device or in iTunes at this link. .

One thought on “SPECIAL EDITION: Networking @ IAAPA or in ANY Industry

  1. How do you mean ? IAAPA actually PROOVED to me, that they ONLY take membership fees from independent (self employed; NON-corporate) members, without delivereing to them ANY value. Not any = ZERO. I have considered that a scam, mid 2015, from IAAPA. ……. They reacted childish. They have NO punctual defence. MOST self employed leisure consultants I know, refuse to be IAAPA member, and now I understand WHY……

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