You Do Have a Choice

Managing creativity is, in and of itself, a Creative Process. The same input or feedback, depending on the point of view and motivation with which it is given, can serve either to evolve or impede the realization of a concept in development.

Certainly, the work needs to be examined with a critical eye. Step-by-step or measuring point by measuring point, assessment of progress in the context of all possibilities must be made, feedback and direction given. How, however, that input is given can make all the difference in the final result and in the morale of one’s team(s).

The morale of one’s team (must this even be said?) is, fundamentally, what drives productivity, creativity, loyalty, quality and – make no mistake – future business.

In the words of Johnny Mercer, “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative…”

The same, experienced eye can see and share feedback and direction in myriad ways, falling into two, easy categories; positive and negative. (I KNOW, right? “Everyone” knows this…)

Why, then…

That same eye can look at facets in development on a project and see:

  • something wrong, or
  • something that can be evolved

The terms in which — the voice in which — feedback is shared will make all the difference in what comes out the other side…what we get back.

Critique, given positively, nurtures good energy, supports open creativity and the flow of ideas, paves the way for good work, done well and quite likely done faster.

It all comes down to us, the managers, directors, producers…pick your label…and how we train ourselves to see things.

You have a choice.

When presented with concept; do you view it with the idea of seeing what is wrong with it, looking for problems and pointing them out, directing the solution with your own specifics from that point of view?


Do you look, first, for what is great about what you see; seeking to identify and embrace the creativity and inspiration behind it and – through that filter – offer opportunities for those who are doing the creating to resolve what you see, to evolve the concept past, over and around the obstacles you might intuit as being in the pathway…?

Certainly, if something can be done better, it should be. That’s the point of what we do. As I’ve quoted, before, “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a Heaven for…?” (Browning)

Simply put; by seeking and inspiring the solutions to possible problems we see from our creative team, already responsible and invested, we can effectively evolve what is already good within the project or concept and the chaff will very likely fall away…simply through the process.

“No. Do it this way…” will result in exactly the opposite; creativity will be squelched, inspiration doused, energy depleted and your project becomes a job.


The Power of Positivity is incontrovertible. It takes as much discipline and self-control as any other, important habit. The rewards for creating and working in such an environment are legion.

Today’s post was inspired by this article on Leadership in Fortune, “…Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People. It’s a quick and insight-sharing read. As long as you’re already here, why not take another moment and check it out. Share it.

Good stuff…imho.

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