Sunset. LaPaz, Baja California. May 24, 2019. Photo by Author.

I see vast opportunity in this forced evolution toward a New Reality. 

The opportunity I see before me, now, is to contribute to the evolution of themed and theatrical experience in ways that circumvent the Pre-Vaccine effects on societal interaction of COVID-19. 

Until there is a vaccine – and, then, even beyond – the structure of ticketed and destination experience must evolve without diluting the power inherent in the well-crafted story.

I see for me a pathway from creating massive spectacle imbued with a profound sense of intimacy and shared personal experience to that of creating intimate, small-group experience with a powerful sense and experience of magnitude and scale. The path lies directly before us and it starts right here.

In the absence of mass gatherings in theatres, stadia, deserts, harbors, theme parks and open spaces – with the virtual disappearance of spontaneous hugs and handshakes and most sorts of physical contact; we of the human sort will resultantly, inherently yearn all the more for the pheromonal interaction, the sense of true, physical nearness, of touch…even without touching. 

Experiences are all the more compelling when they are shared in the moment. That immediacy, that reality is what must be preserved through all of this. It must be neither sacrificed nor lost, something of which we must not lose sight.

This can be done. With our commitment; it shall be done.

I see the possibility of creating multilateral storytelling experiences with unique approaches to narrative arcs that can yield breathtaking, shared denouement. Multidirectional storytelling can yield a Confluent Closing Moment: a profound moment that can possibly be even more deeply-felt, given an experience of the story from disparate perspectives all the way to the end…

I believe this can be accomplished; profitably and sans dilution of experience. In fact, I further believe that something better than has existed before, something far more intimate and compelling, while still manifested in physically-shared space, can, will and must be created.

I look forward to exploring these possibilities through this transition to our Imminent New Reality.

Now, about this Imminent New Reality.

In order for us to be prepared to successfully (and profitably) address, realize and embrace the potential inherent in the myriad-faceted, evolutionary movement taking place on our planet and in our worlds, especially in the spheres of creative and storytelling experience; we must bring representatives of all the the vast and disparately-backgrounded, skilled and talented to the same table. 

This means that every age group, every skill set, every talent, every demographic that can be included in the ideation, creative and production processes must be respected. Brought together at the outset to be involved and contributing as each step unfolds.

We can and must create an atmosphere of Dynamic, Ongoing Charrette, where the veteran engineer of 30 years in the industry is seen and heard with the same level of respect as the aspirational young artist just through the door. Programmers, engineers, designers of costume, set, lighting and game sit alongside writers, creative directors, producers and directors; all seeing one another as equals. 

Creating this dynamic, creating and populating this table is key and crucial to our success in rethinking and creating the future of Experience. 

We must all hear one another fully and be prepared to learn from each other, we must be eager to share without hesitation or holding back; to listen without preconception. 

Allow me to say that, again; we must learn to listen without preconception.

We must find ourselves able to concurrently teach and learn in order to both know and learn from history as we create a New Now and What Will Lie Ahead. 

We must see that nothing is lost and that all possibilities are considered as we encircle the magic fire of creativity and build new experience. It sounds utopian, as it is utopian. Building creative Hives, where passion can count as much as experience and all is balanced as processes unfold, is a surefire way forward. IMHO.

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for…?” 

– Robert Browning

Through The Portal of Mentorship.

There is, has been and will continue to be much talk from multiple business quarters on “Mentorship.” As mentioned previously this space, I believe the concept of Mentorship is due for an update. (See, “A Culture of Mentorship”.) 

Heretofore, as was the case when many of us entered the world of business, back in the ‘XX’s; mentorship was seen and defined as linear and pretty much one-way…Elder to Apprentice.

The rEvolutionary fact is that the world has changed, the cycles of the world have increased in rapidity and complexity and the demographic definition of “generation” has balkanized such that the modern historical concepts of Mentor and Mentorship are virtually out of date, antiquated, relevant only as an evolutionary jumping off point.

“Find a Mentor.” “Be a Mentor.” “I want to be a Mentor.” These sorts of mindsets are functions of an outdated concept of how Mentorship can best work. This is especially salient in the vast and ever-changing landscape of our global, gig economy; of consultants and freelancers and contractors-by-project and the universal geographical and physical movement inherent in many areas of business and commerce; especially those through which I wander.

Mentorship is Hive, 360-degrees; we are all Mentors and Mentees, best-served by appreciating and embracing this fact. Each and all of us have experience, knowledge and perspective to share, unilaterally; just as there is plenty we can learn from each new kid that joins the team. 

This means that every person on a team or in a company learns and accepts the responsibility to keep an eye out for everyone else in the room, on the team or with the project. 

  • See a question on someone’s face…reach out. “…got somethin’ I can help you with?”
  • Be open and welcoming, create the foundation for openness as each new person joins the team and remain open and spontaneously available as much as possible to answer the random question (or ask the random question) as it arises.
  • Listen first. Always listen first. This empowers the other person and informs both the follow-up questions one might ask as well as the specific information one might share in response…and the style in which that information will be shared. It’s the most constructive way to set the stage and maintain a healthy give-and-take relationship.
  • Remember; we are not teaching, we are sharing experience. The “way we’ve always done it” is exceptional/anecdotal history; virtually nothing is the “only way” something might be done. 
  • If we’ve listened first, perhaps asked what might seem a logical solution from the POV of the asker; chances are we’re being handed in that question the foundation for the best, most relevant response.

I see an opportunity, too, to work with clients in helping to create and nurture a culture of mentorship within their organization or company as part of the work in my industries…and certainly within each and every project team I gather and lead or of which I am a part.

Seriously, big money can be saved, here. There is no need to pay tens or hundreds of thousands to an expensive, outside consultant when there are open, experienced and adventurous minds available inside our industries who embrace the concept of collaborative mentorship cultures simply as part of the work. 

The creative and production arts and crafts are historically apprentice-oriented, collaborative and welcoming. Let’s evolve that to suit our Now and Future world.



A note on AR & VR

I embrace Augmented Reality and Virtual Worlds – and am just discovering the wonders of Fortnite™, myself. These technologies and applications are vastly expanding possibility for awe-inspiring, shared and individual experience. At the same time, imho, these are not substitute for the physically-shared, multi-pheromonal experience. Human contact – or at least humans in shared space – is an irreplaceable factor that I believe we must strive to avoid losing. That is where I come from on this piece.


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