The Basics – Five Tenets of Experience Creation

Notice I did not say, “THE Five Tenets of Experience Creation.” Nope; these are, however, MY Five Tenets… These five tools, processes, steps, practices are the core of pretty much everything I do. Applied to differing degrees and at different times, often several times at several junctures during the same project, these techniques are the methodology through which I create Theatrical Experiences, Immersive Messaging Campaigns and Launches…and through which I create Spectacle of substance.

Audiences remember what I create. While much relies on instinct and innate creativity; without these tools, some of the most creative work could miss its mark. It is these components that help make vision reality.

Exploration of Assumption

Liberation of Preconception

Comfortable Disorientation

Successive Revelation

Subliminal Engagement

My intent is to make this information accessible and relevant as it applies, across the board, to creators of experience in myriad industries. Through the first five, weekly posts I shall articulate in depth each of the above Tenets, through explanation and example, in short posts that are designed to be easily digestible and quickly absorbed.

The ensuing posts will explore these philosophies and theories through practical example. I have a number of projects that are currently starting up; the process of which I shall share through the lens of these tools, step-by-step.

I may also offer an opinion, here and there, on the occasional public production or spectacle…I wouldn’t want to disappoint those who know me.

So, follow if you like; I thank any who read, all who comment, and hope that you find value here.


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  1. Looking forward to reading and learning about that which you do so well…and following the progress of your newest projects. You are one in a million!

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